12S Battery Monitoring Board [Legacy]


This product has been replaced by an updated version (click here!). This page is kept for reference purposes only.

Please note: Battery monitoring products sold from this site are not for use in battery safety systems. These products are not rated or qualified for this purpose, and relying on them for these applications is done at your own risk.

The 12S battery monitoring board acts as an smart interface between you and your rechargeable battery pack. Compatible with all Li-ion based chemistries and cell types, it allows you to measure voltages, sample temperatures, and perform bleed-balancing on cells – all over an isolated digital connection.


  • Fully open-source design and firmware, with pre-loaded Arduino-compatible bootloader
  • UART and I2C communication busses, capable of streaming data and on-the-fly parameter programming
  • Two integrated 100k thermistor inputs per board for pack temperature monitoring
  • Built-in 60mA cell bleed balancing capability, with programmable modes
  • Built-in chip temperature monitoring, to prevent overheat during balancing
  • Isolated operation up to 200V and expandable s-count up to 96S, permitting connection to low voltage systems*
  • Watchdog timers to ensure reliable operation and balance shutdown during communication failure
  • Detailed documentation and user guide

For more information, check out the documentation below:

*Isolation ratings represent the rated values of onboard isolation components. This product is not independently tested to meet isolation specifications, and may exceed the ratings of isolated components at higher s-counts.

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