Terms and Conditions

The products sold on this site have the potential to be dangerous if misused. Please always use common sense and personal protective equipment as the circumstances demand.

While we test and validate our products to the best of our ability, we cannot guarantee that they will be free of malfunction or failure or be held responsible for the consequences. For this reason, never use these products in safety-critical applications, medical applications, or any system where a failure would put you or others at risk.

Electricity poses numerous hazards at sufficient voltage and current. No products sold on this site should ever be directly connected to AC wall power. Even at low voltages, high currents can cause dangerous heating, fire, or arc flash. You are responsible for ensuring that your application will operate within product specifications, and that it has sufficient safety controls in case of failure.

When developing motion systems with our products, evaluate all the fail-safes and engineering controls necessary to mitigate the risks of unexpected motion or acceleration. Even small motors are capable of incredible torque; always consider motor mounting and guarding carefully during prototype and implementation phases.

If using batteries, it is important to consider their storage capacity and discharge capabilities. Discharging above the specified rate, or regeneratively charging above the rated voltage can pose additional hazards. You are responsible for ensuring that you are using batteries within their operating specifications.

Do not rely on battery monitoring products from this site as safety systems. Battery monitoring products are not rated or qualified for this purpose. Isolation ratings of battery  monitoring products represent the rated values of onboard isolation components. These products are not independently tested to meet isolation specifications, and may exceed the ratings of isolated components at higher s-counts.

As always, if you don’t feel confident in your ability to mitigate risk or work safely, take the time to do additional research or consult someone with relevant expertise.

By purchasing a product from this website, you acknowledge that you accept these risks and the responsibility to use it in a safe manner.